about me

I'm from Tenerife (Canary Islands, Spain), where I formed as the photographer, as soon I finished my studies I decided to move to Barcelona, where I managed to develop myself professionally in the context of portraiture, fashion, and advertising, working as photographer and retoucher in this city.

In 2009 I became interested in video as a natural extension of the photography, field in which I entered step by step and in which I am immersed today.

 Since the beginning of 2016, I started to work as a freelance director for the agencies Pugil Films (Madrid), Jakiens (Valencia) and Rotativa Performing Arts (Barcelona)
I developed my knowledge and experience living and working in many places such as Barcelona, Berlin, Madrid, Valencia and in 2018 I finally moved to the city of Vancouver (Canada), with the goal of developing my career and expand internationally.