Derek Pedros, Canary Islands (Spain).

Filmmaker and photographer specialized in movement and space, dance and architecture.

Trained in photography, obsessed with space, light, composition, and color.

After finishing my studies I started working as a photographer and retoucher in Barcelona, for fashion and advertising agencies for more than 4 years.
There I acquired the necessary skills to develop my personal and professional work.

Over time my interests were directed towards the moving image (cinema), finding a place to focus my career as a filmmaker.

At the same time, my interest in the image and my passion for dance and movement connected, finding a place to
merge, finding a path where I found my specialty and my passion, and where I have developed my last 5 years of personal work.

Along this journey I have been lucky enough to live in Barcelona, Madrid, Berlin, Valencia, Vancouver,  Miami, and Sint Maarten (Caribbean), places where I have developed my career.

Actually, my work is focused on architecture, on the confluence of my experience in movement with the use of architectural space.