I’m Derek Pedros from Canary Islands (Spain). A filmmaker and photographer with a background as creative.
I studied artistic photography, where I discovered my passion for space, light, composition and color.
When I finished my studies, I moved to Barcelona, city where I began to work as a photographer and retoucher in fashion and advertising. Here I got the skills to develop a personal work focused in portrait.

When I left the city in 2012 I began to expand my interest from the static image to the image in movement (filmmaking), discovering its possibilities and becoming completely passionate and obsessed about it.

It was a few years later, when I connected my interest in the image with my passion in dance and movement, founding a path in which I immersed myself very deeply, combining my personal work with my career as director in commercials.

Throughout this journey I have lived in Barcelona, Berlin, Valencia, Vancouver, Miami and the Caribbean, places where I developed projects with dancers and companies such as Akran Khan (London), Kidd Pivot (Canada), Lava (Tenerife), Iron Skulls (Barcelona), Daniel Abreu, Frantics (Berlin), Wei Wei Dance (Canada), Zukdance, Spinoff dance, Paloma Hurtado, Paula Quintana, Daniel Morales, Chey Jurado, Ballet BC (Canada), and many more.

In conjuction with my professional career I also develop masterclasses on filmmaking, photography and movement. Having worked as a university lecturer.

Actually I’m developing collaborations with other areas to extend my knowledge, such as collaborations with as neuroscience studies and architectural projects.

I’m love to traveling and living around the world, seeking personal development, and expanding my skills in order to find inspiration for my work as a director and artist.